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"All paths are generally possible, but not all are equally probable."
--Paul Davies
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Travel Toilet Seat Covers.

Travel toilet seat covers No reason to state the obvious -- every traveler should have a pack handy.

#8915 Travel Toilet Seat Covers $1.99

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Travel John disposable urine bags

When nature calls...

Toilets should be more common out there in the world but they are not. They seem to especially be lacking on marathon Chinese bus rides after you've consumed too many Peijo. (Beer.) Travel John disposable urine bags solve the problem cleanly and easily. Each set comes with three disposable urine bags which contain super absorbent polymers and enzymes. Liquid is turned into an odorless gel upon contact. After use toss it into the trash; environmentally friendly. Wide opening semi rigid rim is made for both men and women.

#RS1 TravelJohn $7.75

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For females of all ages. Protects against those unsanitary restrooms found in many developing counties. Environmentally sound, palm sized, feather light and reusable anatomically designed funnel with 6" retractable extension tube. When placed against your body, allows you to relieve your bladder while standing. Complete with easy to follow directions and convenient travel pouch. Nothing to wear, empty or replace. 3 ounces.

#9075 Freshette $24.00

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