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Personal PackTowl

How to dry yourself on a Walkabout.

Towels often are not standard in budget lodgings. And they certainly are not supplied at campgrounds or the deserted beaches you've discovered. If you're carrying your world on your back, an ordinary towel simply does not work. It's heavy, especially when wet, and takes forever to dry. The solution: PackTowels. Perhaps the ultimate sports and travel towel, silky-soft Packtowel Personal are perfect for face, hand, and body use. They are super-lightweight, ultracompact, and fast-drying. Color: Blue. Weight: 8.5 oz.; size: 25 x 54 in.

#08783 PackTowel Personal $26.95

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PackTowel Personal are in stock.

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If you have to take a hair dryer...

Dual Voltage Travel Hairdryer

Our travel philosophy with hair has always been: cut it off and keep it short. But if you have to take a hair dryer, this is the one. Dual voltage so no converter is necessary. Super powerful -- with 1875 watts, it supplies professional drying/styling power. North American plug on cord, adapters need elsewhere. (Click here for other adapters.) True two speed operation on both voltage settings. Compact design with folding handle. Includes travel bag. 8' coiled cord. ETL listed. Shock-protection circuit (ALCI). One year limited manufacturer warranty. Complete instructions enclosed. Size: Closed 4 " x 6 3/4" including the added directional shield. Closed without shield: 4" x 5". Open with shield: 6 3/4" x 8 1/2". Open without shield: 5" x 8 1/2". 16 ounces.

#HD4 Dual Voltage Hair Dryer $33.75

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Dual Voltage Hair Dryers are in stock.

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Dual Voltage Ceramic Hair Straightener

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Many regular flat irons (hair strighteners) will not work internationally even with a converter. Our dual voltage ceramic flat iron solves that problem. Tourmaline ceramic plates emit negative ions and infrared heat for silky shiny hair. Built with a varible temperature setting. Ready to use in 30 seconds. ETL Listed. North American plug on cord, adapters need elsewhere. Click here for adapters for other countries.

#HS2 Dual Voltage Hair Straightener $59.95

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Dual Voltage Hair Straighteners are in stock.

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Clothes have to be washed (occasionally.)

Walkabout Wash Kit Walkabout Travel Gear Logo

If you're traveling light, which you should, the clothes you brought are going to get dirty and smelly. And overseas Laundromats are expensive and hard to find. The conclusion: on Walkabouts, you're going to wash your clothes, and in the sink. An exclusive, our Walkabout Wash Kit contains all you need! A must take item. Enclosed in a strong vinyl 5 by 7 waterproof pouch, complete with hook, loop Velcro closure, the Walkabout Wash Kit contains a universal sink plug, concentrated (20 washes) biodegradable laundry detergent, bristle brush to scrub the hard stains, and unique laundry line. The laundry cord does not need clothespins; merely separate the twisted cords, place article of clothing between them, and allow cords to fall back in place. Cord stretches to a lengthy 66 inches, and attaches to wall with suction cups, or can be tied to supports. Universal Sink Plug and Travel Laundry Line also available seperately.

#1027 Walkabout Wash Kit $16.95

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Walkabout Wash Kits are in stock.

#1027B Universal Sink Plug $4.99

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Universal Sink Plugs are in stock.

#160032 Travel Laundry Line $4.99

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Travel Laundry Lines are in stock.

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Waterproof pouch

Strong vinyl pouch with hook, loop Velcro closure. Perfect for wet items, or carrying supplies that might (and in our experience they usually do) leak, like shampoo. Also perfect for cameras and other important items that can't get wet. 7 x 10 inches.

#1028 7" x 10" Pouch $4.50

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Waterproof Pouches are in stock.

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Dry stick spot remover

Janie Stick dry spot remover An all-natural solvent-free spot remover in a dry stick. Safe for all fabrics, it removes most grease, oil, dirt, and food stains. Apply Janie stick to stain and watch as the dry powder absorbs oil and grease. Brush away the powder and the stain. Never leaves a ring. Handy travel size 3 x 15/16 x 3/4.

#64040 Janie Stick $7.95

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Janie Sticks are in stock.

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Walkabout Travel Gear Toothbrush Caps

Walkabout Travel Gear Toothbrush Caps

There are a lot of germs out there, billions and billions. Protect you toothbrush! An attached suction cup enables you to attach your toothbrush to the bathroom mirror or wall. Protects you from certain insect species that think used toothbrushes taste great. Snaps over your toothbrush bristles, and keeps the wetness from the rest of your gear. An inexpensive necessity most travelers forget. Set of two.

Walkabout travel tip

#WCAPS Walkabout Toothbrush Cap (set of 2) $4.99

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Walkabout Toothbrush Caps are in stock.

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Solving the Travel-Sized Toothpaste Dilemma.

Toothpaste 2 Go Ever wonder why travel-sized toothpaste is so expensive? It can cost anywhere from $1.00 to $3.25 a tube. Ever get frustrated because you forgot to buy a travel-sized toothpaste before your flight and now you can't take your full-size toothpaste in your carry-on luggage? With Toothpaste 2 Go make as many travel-sized tubes of toothpaste as you want. Set included patented refill adapter and two reusable, travel-sized refill tubes with caps.

#2TG Toothpaste 2 Go $9.95

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Toothpaste 2 Go are in stock.

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CHUMS eyeglass retainer with Walkabout Travel Gear logo

Keep your glasses on your face.

Our chums keep your glasses or sunglasses on your face even when bungee jumping in New Zealand or river running in China. Black, imprinted with the Walkabout Travel Gear logo.

#RTC100S Chums $5.00

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Chums are in stock.

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Wear glasses? Or sunglasses?

Travel Eyeglass Repair Kit A primary law of travel is that something will break. Often something simple to repair at home but a real hassle overseas. If one of those little screws falls out of your eyeglasses or sunglasses, you can: A. Fix them with our Eyeglass Repair Kit, or B. make a fashion statement with a wad of tape. So lightweight and inexpensive there is no reason not to carry it. Nice to have at home, also.

Walkabout travel tip

#1043 Eyeglass Repair Kit $2.29

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Eyeglass Repair Kits are in stock.

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Lens-Locker Eyeglass Case

The toughest eyeglass case around.

With Lens-Locker, your glasses (or sunglasses) have great protection against the hazards of travel, which are too numerous to list. Much tougher than ordinary hard glass cases, the Lens-Locker is the toughest optic case we've found. Made of super strong polycarbonate, Lens-Locker has a soft, synthetic felt lining and foam endcaps to gently cradle and protect your lenses. Carabineer allows for easy and quick attachment to pack or belt. Weatherproof seal heals keep dust and elements out. Great protection for glasses in everyday life, too. Black. 1 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 6 3/8 inches. 4 ounces.

#1045 Lens-Locker $10.95

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Lens-Lockers are in stock.

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Travel Sewing Kit

First Law of Travel: Pack Light.

Whether your Walkabout is for two weeks or a year, all the experts, including us, say to pack light. In other words, take minimal clothing. A disadvantage of this strategy is that if you rip your clothes, or lose a button, you have a problem. The saying goes that a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure, and the weight ratios are correct when you carry our Sew and Stow pocket-sized sewing kit. Includes various colored thread, needles, threader, replacement buttons, safety pin, all in tiny carrying case. Lightweight, and inexpensive.

#160021 Sew and Stow $3.00

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Sew and Stow are in stock.

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