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Walkabout Waistsafe with RFID Walkabout Waistsafe with RFID Protection
It's essential to keep money and personal identification items discreetly hidden away when you travel. RFID Blocking Technology protects information on passport/credit cards. Money belt features two zippered pockets for essential items like passport, currency, and tickets, as well as an additional pocket for other items. Durable and lightweight nylon ripstop. Soft adjustable strap. Extremely lightweight; 1.4 ounces. 10 x 5.5 inches to hold all your essentials. Made of durable and lightweight nylon ripstop. Moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel. Waterproof.

#Wsafe Walkabout Waistsafe with RFID $16.99
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All-in-One Surge Protector All-in-One Travel Adapter Plug with Built-in Surge Protector
Our All-in-One Surge Protector 110/220 volt surge protector is inexpensive, small, and packed with features. Offers surge protection on both 110 (North America) and 220V (International) power, so you can use it anywhere. For dual voltage appliances; does not convert voltage. Built with a universal input -- accepts non-grounded or grounded North American plugs, as well as British, European, and many others. Perhaps the best part is that four different electrical adapters are built into the surge protector so you don't need separate adapters for most countries, including the UK, Australia, China, Europe, etc. But wait! It has a USB port as well! Very small and lightweight: 3.8 ounces; 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Power indicator light and safety shutters. Electrical rating: 125V 15A, 250V, 10A.

#TS237USB All-in-One Surge Protector with USB $20.95
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