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The Santa Claus Trail

Saint Nicholas was real and he had a tan.
Also: he was not only the patron saint of children but of travellers (You better be good...)

The Real Santa:

Despite Western myth, St. Nick’s home is not the North Pole. In fact, it is reasonable to assume he never saw snow. For it rarely, if ever, snows on Mediterranean beaches. Santa lived his life on the Southwest coast of Turkey, of all places. And yes, he had a beard and allegedly gave presents to children, but that is where the similarities end. St. Nick was born in Patara, Turkey around 4 BC. Patara is now a sleepy coastal town but was once the Roman seat of government in Lycia, an ancient Turkish civilization. Patara’s ancient port has silted in, causing an abundance of impressive ruins and mosquitoes. Patara is perhaps most famous for its undeveloped 18 kilometer beach, perhaps the finest on the Mediterranean.

Where to Stay:

The St. Nicholas Pension, of course.

Next stop on the Santa Claus Trail:

Myra, Turkey

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