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"There is no hope for a civilization which starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock."

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Travel pillow are an often overlooked travel necessity which can make the difference between a comfortable journey or not.

Cocoon Ultralight Air-Core Neck Pillow

Cocoon Ultralight Air-Core Neck Pillow Comfortable, compact inflatable neck pillow with inflatable air core, premium synthetic filling, and soft Microfiber shell. Great for travel. Minimal packing size. Twist valve allows you to customize your level of firmness for your own personal comfort. We recommend spending a few extra dollars for a quality pillow, not a cheap vinyl one that usually loses air fast. Weight: 3.5 ounces.

#UACP3UL2 Ultralight Air-Core Neck Pillow $26.95

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Our Recommended Pillow for a Long Walkabout is...

Design Salt Aircore Travel Pillow Cocoon's Aircore Travel Pillow has a new lightweight urethane air core. Ultralight microfiber shell on one side, ultralight nylon on the other. The astonishing result is a super-lightweight and comfortable travel pillow in a tiny stuffsack. Inflatable air core is surrounded by soft, synthetic fill for customizable support. Rapid inflation and deflation. 4 ounces. Color: Khaki / Blue.

#CP3 Aircore Travel Pillow $27.99

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Hostel Sleepsack

Sleepsacks are required at hostels. We stock the best.

Design Salt makes the best sleepsacks we've found. Available in CoolMax and silk, Design Salt TravelSheets are made of 100% natural fibers, and come with a stuff sack. Other features include a pillow pocket, Velcro fasteners, and reinforcement gussets. The Silk TravelSheet gets incredibly tiny but is a more expensive. Silk (muddy elephant brown, and olive green.) 86 x 35 inches, 6.3 oz.

#ST40 Silk TravelSheet Brown $60.00

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#ST80 Silk TravelSheet Green $60.00

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Walkabout Travel Gear Eye Mask

The world is bright and noisy.

Getting enough sleep, especially on airplanes and trains, can be a real problem. Arriving tired is no way to start your Walkabout. Also, the decibel level in many cities, like Jakarta, Athens, Bangkok, Mexico City, etc., etc. (insert large foreign city of your choice here) even at three AM, can be amazing. Block unwanted sound and light with our Sleep-Eze set. Comfortable nylon eyeshades have two adjustable elasticized straps and cushioned nose pad. The accompanying earplugs can be washed up to ten times. Imprinted with the Walkabout Travel Gear logo.

#1047 Sleep-Eze set $6.00

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Bucky Eyeshade

Deluxe Eyeshades

Bucky Blockout EyeShades include an inside layer of 100% cotton light blocking material, are softly contoured around the eye socket and padded to follow the contour of your nose. Blockout shades allow the wearer to blink while wearing them. The secret is circular indentations on the inside of the sleepmask that keep pressure off eyelashes and eyes. The lightproof mask offers pillow-like softness across the bridge and cheeks of the wearer, perfectly conforming to facial contours. Ultralight and durable, the Blockout shades feature an elastic strap with velcro closure for a perfect, effortless fit. Provides complete darkness, stimulating your body's own natural melatonin production which is helpful for falling asleep. Includes a pair or corded and reusable ear plugs that are easily stored in the elastic band. Color: Black.

#S810SBK Bucky Block Out Eyeshade $19.95

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Bucky Block Out Eyeshades are in stock.

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