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We consider a surge protector essential when traveling internationally with a computer or other electronic device. All products on this page are designed for international use. (A surge protector built only for use in North America cannot be used internationally.) Surge protectors (except Walkabout Solution Converter and International Surge Strip) do not convert electricity.

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Walkabout International Power Strip

Walkabout Solution Converter and Power Strip

Our Walkabout Solution Converter and International Power Strip solves the issues of traveling with multiple electronics, as well as shavers, clippers, or other items under 200 watts. This marvel of technology solves the age-old problem with converters -- they convert the voltage but not the Hertz. The Walkabout Solution converts both the voltage and Hertz. If you have ever wondered why some of your devices did not work properly even with a converter -- it was likely the Hertz difference. No longer. Two AC outlets, and four USB ports. Over-current, high-temperature, and surge protection. Power LED indicator. Includes adapters for all countries including those that use the India or South Africa style. (Those adapters are not shown.) Any country you visit -- you're prepared! Maximum wattage: 200 watts. USB Output: Two 2.4A ports for high power devices such as iPads and tablets, Two 1A for cell phones, etc.. 6 x 3 x 1.5 inches, Power strip weight: 12 ounces with power cord. Not for devices with heating elements like flat irons or hair dryers. Long 4' cord to reach difficult outlets. Travel Bag included.

#3099 Walkabout Solution Converter and Power Strip $49.95

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Walkabout All-in-One Travel Adapter Plug with Built-in Surge Protector and USB

All-In-One Surge Protector

Our All-in-One Travel Adapter Plug with Built-in Surge Protector is packed with features. Offers surge protection on both 110 (North America) and 220V (International) power, so you can use it anywhere. Has an EMI/RFI filter to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Built with a universal input -- accepts non-grounded or grounded North American plugs, as well as British, European, and many others. Built in USB port for cell phones, iPad and other electronics. Perhaps the best part is that four different electrical adapters are built in so you don't need separate adapters for most countries, including all the countries of Europe, China, Australia, and most others. Very small and lightweight: 3.8 ounces; 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Power indicator light and safety shutters. Electrical rating: 125V 15A, 250V, 10A. Clamping voltage: 775V, dissipation 149.8 joules. The All-in-One does not convert voltage and is for use only with dual voltage (100-240V) appliances.

#TS237USB All-in-One Travel Adapter Plug $20.95

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International Power Surge Strip with USB

Unexpected power surges and voltage spikes can damage or destroy your expensive devices. Take along the protection you need with our International Power Surge Strip with USB. In addition, many hotel rooms, especially overseas, don’t provide enough accessible electrical outlets for the modern traveler. So how do you use your laptop or tablet while charging your cell phone, digital camera and MP3 player when there is only one outlet available? The International Power Surge Strip solves this problem, allowing you to connect up to three AC-powered devices and charge up to two USB-powered devices. With 15 amps max AC load and 3.5 amps total USB load, you can charge your iPads and iPhones at the same time. 15 amps rating also allows for the use of dual voltage hair dryers and flat irons. The International Power Surge Strip does not convert voltage, and is only for use with dual voltage appliances. Built with a North American grounded plug, grounded adapters needed elsewhere. Response time: 1 nanosecond. Joule rating: 600.

#PS4 International Power Surge Strip with USB $32.95

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The EuroSurge is a 220/240 volt surge protector with phone line protection. It allows two devices to be plugged in at once, and offers protection up to 1920 watts. Display lights indicate ground and surge protection. EMI/RFI filtering. Manufactured with the European grounded "Schuko" plug; adapters needed elsewhere. One year manufacturer's warranty. Electrical rating: Clamping voltage: 700, dissipation: 1200 Joules max, surge current: 42,000 Amps max, response time: 1 nanosecond. The EuroSurge can be adapted to grounded outlets worldwide. Click here for more information on adapting the EuroSurge.

#22SP2 EuroSurge $49.00

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